Agro-Science Journal of Igdir University

Manuscript Rules


1.    The manuscripts must be uploaded as word file by corresponding author.

2.  If the manuscripts are research article or technical notes; manuscripts must contain Title, ABSTRACT, Keywords, INTRODUCTION, MATERIALS AND METHODS, RESULTS AND DISCUSSION, CONCLUSION, ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS (If any), REFERENCES sections.  

3.    If they are review, they must contain again Title, ABSTRACT, Keywords, INTRODUCTION, CONCLUSION and REFERENCES sections. If the authors want to add new section for review, they can add between the INTRODUCTION and CONCLUSION sections.

4.    The titles of the main sections of the manuscripts must be typed bold and via capital letters. For second degree titles, first letter of the words must be typed as capital and bold, and for third degree titles, first letter of the first word must be typed as capital and bold.

5.    The 6 nk space must be left before and after of main headings. In subheadings, only the 6 nk space must be left between the previous paragraphs. The spaces should not be left after the subtitle.

6.    The main headings and subheadings should not be numbered.

7.   The title of the manuscripts must be organized as short, clear. The first letters of the words must be uppercase and other words lowercase. It not exceeds 14 words and, the first letters of the words of the titles (except “and”, “with” …like words) must be typed as capital. The title must be bold and, Author(s) is not allowed to use abbreviation in the title. 



1.      The text must be written in Times New Roman, 12 font size, 1.15 cm line spacing. The font size of the abstract can be reduced to squeeze the abstract to the first page of the manuscripts.

2.    Author(s) must adjust margins as top 2.5 cm, bottom 1.5 cm, left 1.9 cm and right 1.6 cm.

3.    Line numbers must be given on each page as starting from one.

4.    Except Title, the rest of the article should be written as justified, and 1 cm indentation must be left at the beginning of the each paragraph.

5.    Total numbers pages of the manuscripts should not be exceed 12, 5 and 13 pages for original research articles, technical notes and reviews, respectively.

6.     Authors can reach example of manuscripts which are corrected according to our manuscript rules by below links.

a)  Sample of Research Article

b)   Sample of Review Article



1.    Abstract of the manuscripts should not be exceeded 250 words, and authors must be avoided from abbreviation and citation.

2.    Keywords should be placed after abstracts and must be at least 3 words and maximum 6 words. The first letter of the first keyword must be capitalized and the other keywords must be written in lowercase. Furthermore, the keywords must be must be separated via comma (,).



1.    All Figures and Tables must be given on the vertical page. If the table does not fit in a vertical page, they can be divided into two parts and shown as table continuation. Horizontal page structure should not be used.

2.    Author(s) must be used “Figure” and “Table” for figures and tables. In addition, “Figure 1.” and “Table 1.” expressions in the table and figures writings. The expressions and footnotes belonging to figures and tables must be places bottom of them as between 8 and 10 font size and, author(s) should not put dot at the end of this expressions or footnotes.

3.    The figures must be centered on the page, and the tables must be justified or justified to the right of the page. Tables should not have vertical lines.

4.    Table writings must be placed before table as between 9 and 12 font size but the contents of the table can be typed between 8 and 12 font size. Figures, graphs, images and like them must be evaluated as figures and their writings must be given under the figures. Tables and Figures must be placed to related place in text and should not be placed at the end of manuscripts.



1.    Equations must be numbered, and numbers must be given as align to right in the bracket. They must be typed as 12 font size, and variables must be italic but digits as normal. When the author(s) is citing the equations, they must use the expression “Equation 1.”  



1.    If the cited article is published by one author, by two authors, for more authors, they must be typed as (Last name, year), (Last name and Last name, year) and (Last name et al., year) in the text, respectively.

2.    If the author(s) want to cite more than one article in one point, they must separate the citation by a semicolon (;) and organized them chronologically (Last name, 1977; Last name et al., 2013)

3.    If the author(s) cite a website, they must be used (Anonymous, year).



1.    Author(s) must be used units of the System International in all manuscripts.

2.    While the typing decimal number, authors must use dot (.) instead of comma (,) in decimal (instead of 20,23 type as 20.23).

3.    In the units, they are not allowed to use “/” sign, instead of it, they must put a space then, type as superscript (instead of g/L, type g L-1).

4.    Typing the big numbers, numbers must be separated as in threes by space (instead of 100000, type as 100 000).



1.    References must be typed between 10 and 12 font size, via 1 cm hanging indent and in alphabetical order.

2.    The journal and conference names should not abbreviated by authors. The format references must be typed in below:


Adhoum NB, Monser L, 2004. Decolourization and removal of phenolic compounds from olive mill wastewater by electrocoagulation. Chemical Engineering and Processing, 43: 1281–1287.


Aydın L, Girişgin OA, Kütükoğlu F, Çakmak S, 2003. Drug utilization in bee culture. II. Marmara Bee Culture Congress, 28-30 April 2003, Yalova. Turkey.


Duzen BC, 2010. Electrical properties of the Schottky diodes for wide range temperatures. University of Yale, Engineering Faculty, (unpublished) Ph.D thesis, 62p.


Winer BJ, Brown DR, Michels KM, 1991. Statistcal Principles in Experimetal Design. Third Edition, Boston, USA. 902 p.

Quotation From Internet and author unknown;

Hadhia B, 2009. Annual Summaries. (access date: 15th December, 2009).

Anonymous. Igdir Meteorology Provincial Directorate Data, 2015.



1.    When sending an article, the names and addresses of the authors should be written on the Cover Page (Annex 1) and should not be abbreviated.

2.    In the manuscript, authors do not allow to type their names and affiliations in the manuscript because of double blind review system. They must type their names and affiliations in the Cover Page.

3.     When the manuscripts are sending to journal, authors must upload copyright transfer form (Annex 2) which is signed by all authors, ethical board reports (if any) and confirm check list.

4.    Tables and figures must be given in the main document which should not be loaded as an additional file.

5.    Plagiarism report (according to iThenticate) must be uploaded. Plagiarism should be below 20% (excluding references).

6.   The author should suggest at least 3 referees who are experts on the subject of the article (Annex 3).